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Before beginning, drink coffee.
First step is to open up the center console and locate the two rubber covers
These cover up two Torx screws that secure the center console
Pull the covers and remove the screws. This may be enough for you to get your tape unstuck and your CD changer cables out. It wasn't for me, or at least I didn't have enough guts to pull hard enough on the cables.
Console cover.
There are two screws that hold the cover in. Once you've removed them, push the cover all the way open and pull firmly. It will pop out and feel like you broke it. YOu need to remove it to get at another pair of screws underneath the hinge.
Trunk carpet removal
You'll need to remove 4 plastic screw/nut pairs. Don't forget to put the top up and raise the little panel at the top of the trunk with the knobs.
The driver's side pair
Notice my handy removal tool. I just cut a slit in a plastic card.
The nuts are not secured to anything on the back side, so you'll need to unscrew
and apply pressure at the same time. This is hard without a special tool. Why buy one?
Here's a view of how I light up the screws while releasing them
Another little tool I made. This makes it easier to get a screw driver into the large slot in the plastic screws.
It's just electrical tape wrapped on the end of a normal flathead bit.
Foam Panel
This was once glued to the inside of the carpet panel. I don't think I ripped it off, but do be careful if yours is still attached. Now I just stick it back up in the void before replacing the carpet. It stays OK.
View of trunk wiring
The two CD changer cables that I need go under the center console. In this picture, they are above and left of the big blue connector.
Closer view
the two CD changer cables. Note that the plastic piece the cables run under *is* the back of the center console.
This is where the two wires go under the console. Bad picture, but it is a tight spot.
Another view of the cables coming
Mystery stuff.
Once you get the speaker grills off. you can see this curious pair of connectors. They're on the passenger side of the center console between it and the woofer. Anybody know what these are?
Screw plug.
These hold the center console in. Make sure to pop them out from the bottom. There's a tab on the top that keeps them from being pried ot from the top.
Center console removed.
Be very careful here not to break the clips at the top of this huge piece of plastic. They're long and fragile.
Notice the dangling wire?
That's the wire for the light switch that closes when you open the center console cover.
Top center console screws
These are the same as the ones inside
BMW Assist cable
My Z4 has the S.O.S button right behind the hand brake.
Since it is connected to the center console cover, you'll need to disconnect it.
Console lock power cable
this one also has to go to pull the panel off
They were just taped down under the center console. It's *possible* I could have gotten them out without disassembling too much, but I pulled pretty hard and was very afraid I'd break them.
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