Eye-Fi Configuration Tool

This is an unofficial, open implementation of some of the tools needed to manage an Eye-Fi card. It should run just about anywhere, as long as you have wpa_supplicant around to help creating the WPA keys. This should include Linux and the BSDs. I don't know offhand about OSX.

Note that this does not replace the Eye-Fi-supplied manager for card registration or changing online upload services, nor does it perform as the "Upload to my computer" destination.



Much credit goes to Chris Davies for his implementation and expert guidance along the way. We can also not forget the Eye-Fi team for producing such a neat product and nurturing an environment for others to work with it.

As always, patches, suggestions and bug reports are very welcome. I'll post updates to my blog.


Git Tree:

There's also a git tree if you'd like to fetch the source that way.

Dave Hansen