I wanted to know how much time I have left on my Sprint PCS phone. But, it takes quite a few clicks on the web page to get to it. So, I'm lazy and wrote a script to do it for me. That script will dump the entire "usage" page out. I then use a shell script:
export tmp=~/sprinttime.tmp.html
sprinttime "$@" > $tmp
lynx -dump $tmp \
	| print_lines_after '^Current Usage' \
	| print_lines_before "Please note "
rm $tmp
to filter it down to the stuff that I want, and a cron job:
42 4 * * * ~/bin/sprint_time.sh 9991112222 PASSWORD | mail -s "Sprint Usage - `date`" dave@sr71.net
to mail it to me every morning.

Download a tarball with all of the pieces

Note: If Sprint ever changes any of their web page layout, this might stop working.